Programming is close to godliness
when you're deep in a problem, code is thought made real.
In that space you stop existing as a person.
You're just a conduit for creation.

Squint at the right moment and you can catch them
those sparkling cracks in reality at the corners of your eyes.
go ahead - look down
and for a moment all of creation is laid bare before you.
The path of time. People and systems and machines,
churning and changing through deliberate little choices.
through the strike of keys.

And in that moment bare witness to the interlocking malleability of it all.
Of us all, for we are made of atoms too, are we not?
Click, clack.

Tasks, tickets and tests are ritual
as we prepare for the divine
for that moment when understanding is perfect.
And the machine becomes all things. Whole and divided. Voices and a symphony. A single vision and a million moving pieces.

And in that moment,

with a keystroke,
god and I.
We unmake the world.

(I'm not religious. Just recovering from my 2+ day programming bender.)